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SOLLIS jewellery is elegant, bold and sculptural. Designer, Eleanor Ford deftly mixes hand-cut hammered metal, African trade beads and natural stones or sparkling Swarovski crystals with bold coloured cords, effortlessly fusing indigenous influences with a high fashion aesthetic.

After studying a BA in Jewellery Design followed by an MA in Textiles, Eleanor worked for the widely creative Erickson Beamon in London. From here she designed many collections for Swarovski  in Paris and has also worked on design projects for Gorman, Megan Park and Sophie Kyron. She has also lived and travelled across the globe which has inspired her designs, we interviewed Eleanor to find out a little more:

1) What inspired you to set-up Sollis Jewellery brand?

After many years working in the fashion industry in London and Paris I moved to Sydney Australia in 2010 and  launched SOLLIS Jewellery in 2011. The brand was born out of my love of making and learning new craft techniques.

2) Your designs are all statement pieces, where do you get your design ideas from? 

Inspiration is drawn from travel, global textiles and tribal patterns. Taking a spark of an idea and a craft technique, I often design jewellery in a hands on fashion, allowing a concept to develop through the making process itself.

“I  constantly  challenge  myself  to  learn  new  craft  techniques.  Taking  a  spark  of  an  idea  and  a   new  technique,  I  often  design  jewellery  in  a  hands  on  fashion,  allowing  a  concept  to  develop   through  the  making  process  itself.”  

3) Tassel earrings are apparently the new fashion trend for the season, what are your views on this?

I love tassels and have used them for many seasons. They have a timeless appeal and never really go out of fashion. You can never have too many tassels!!!

4) Where can we find Sollis jewellery?

SOLLIS jewellery is sold through a selection of boutiques around the world and online through our website WWW.SOLLISJEWELLERY.COM We also often take part in pop-up events and sales.

Styled by:  Jane Frosh
Photos by: Katren Sudek
Model: Olivia Arezzolo


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