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The beaded Play Purse has took on a new life and evolved from the 60s/70s toy purse to a fashionable accessory. It is now available in a array of stylish colours and fabrics, all handmade and fully functional for the modern woman (from toy to bag or iPad case). The designs are carefully developed and created in Hackney studios by the very talented graphic designer, Georgia Vaux.

1) What inspired you to create the Play Purse?

There is something about that original beaded toy purse that seems to really sum up a time when a bit of simple novelty was all it took. I kept a few from when I was little and as a graphic designer and accessories designer always appreciated the colour, pattern and texture. It was an obvious step for me to develop them for adults.

2) How would you describe your designs?

I am now beginning to play around with fabrics, the first collection were true to the originals, using a kind of woven nylon, but since then I have added corduroy and next up, denim and canvas. The bead patterns are based on patterns found on the original toy purses, scaled up and expanded to fit the larger sizes. I have a box full of vintage toy bead purses and rummage through it regularly for inspiration.

3) Where do you stock your product?
Play Purse is stocked in Fenwick Bond Street and various boutiques in the UK and France, Belgium and the US. Interestingly the only countries I have come across so far that don’t remember the originals are Germany and Switzerland, I think they all had lovely wooden toys rather than cheap plastic from Hong Kong!

Stylist: Elle Baron

Model: Delia Hamer & Adeline (Next)

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