Peter Hudson – In Colour

‘In Colour’ is the new exhibition created by artist Peter Hudson, opening on the 7th July at Fabrica Gallery.  The exhibition explores themes of communication and consciousness and how environment affects behavior. Hudson lights up the gallery (that was once a church) with colour, giving it a whole new perspective.

Hudson has a uniquely diverse creative background encompassing music composition, graphic design, public art and teaching ukulele, and which embraces the fun and the philosophical aspects of human experience. His journey began in music: composing for the BBC and Channel 4, touring the country performing at festivals such as Bestival and Jarvis Cocker’s Meltdown and leading large-scale ukulele workshops at the Royal Festival Hall. In 2016 a Master’s in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Arts. His interactive installations include ‘Eye Candy’ that won the Wellcome Trust Window Commission 2014 prize. The installation ran for a year in the main window of Wellcome Collections, in central London. This installations was accessible to the general public in street view, where passers by were able to interact.

St. Clements

“IN COLOUR is conceived as an immersive, sensually stimulating, site specific work that invites gallery visitors to interact with it and each other playfully and on their own terms. At the outset we wanted to commission a work that would genuinely embrace a diverse audience, explore the nature of consciousness and the possibilities for communication between neurodiverse and neurotypical communities.” Liz Whitehead, Director, Fabrica.

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