Mother of Pearl – London Fashion Week Collections

Take a step back into 80’s film nostalgia and you will find the inspiration behind ‘Mother of Pearl’s’ latest collection. The fashion brand which was recently shown at London Fashion Week prides itself on sportswear, with a touch of sophistication. The latest collection embodies a flare for 80’s dropped waists, flared bell sleeves and floral prints, taking ideas from ‘New…

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Trace Exhibition

‘Trace’ is the new exhibition showcasing at Corridor Gallery in Brighton. The exhibition runs during August and has three different aspects all relating around natural patterns, either physical or psychological. The artist, Emma Clear tells us more about her work. 1) Can you tell us about your work, your inspiration? With “Trace” I wanted to explore questions around behavioural pattern,…

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Teetotum – Mind Your Teeth

M&B had the pleasure to host Teetotum at our event earlier this year, the bands (Ross Robertson, Larry Marks & Simon Gledhill) live performance was full of soul and energy with a up-beat Rhythm & Blues sound and enigmatic stage presence. After their performance we were intrigued to find out more so we caught up with the vocalist and rhythm guitarist…

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Lizzie Lock Millinery

Lizzie Lock Millinery is designed by Brighton based designer, Elizabeth Lock. Her designs are elegant yet modern with ethical origin. Lock told us about her travels and how her experience helped expand her design process. 1) How would you describe your millinery designs, what inspires you? Millinery for me is about exploring a traditional hands-on craft, whilst bringing great and…

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Modern Love by Jo Thorne Photography

Jo Thorne create’s fashion images with a different perspective, her work always captures the atmosphere with a edgy and mystical sense. She has worked with many fashion brands such as  Hope & Harlequin, Peculiar Vintage and Modern Love to create innovative visual concepts. Thorne photographed one of ”Modern Loves’ collections, the photos embody the brands vibrant prints and artisan style.…

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