It’s all about the Bass – Nenonen

Nenonen is known as Laura and The Bass, a triumphant mix of beauty and exquisite talent. Laura is a tall Scandinavian goddess that sings and plays Bass, she is a one woman band, strong in character and creativity. She took sail to England to join music college (BIMM) and since then she has played with a variety of bands and performed as a solo artist.

Laura has brought the Bass into contemporary music and given it a raw twist, singing about the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Find out a little more below…

1) What made you choose the Bass out of all the instruments?

The bass and I found each other by chance; I was killing time at a practice studio after a rehearsal and there was a double bass in the corner of the room. I asked the owner if I could have a little go on it and as soon as I did, I knew I had found my instrument. It was love at the first pluck. The way it resonates, it’s like holding a person. Plus obviously it’s the only instrument that makes me (6’3″) look relatively small, which is kinda nice.

2) How would you describe your music?

A diary turned into tunes with vocals and a double bass, I guess.

3) What have you been working on recently?

I’ve been playing quite a few gigs, mostly around Brighton with the odd escape to London. Apart from that, I’m writing new songs but I have a bit of a tendency, a natural talent, to get stuck in the ‘material collecting phase’ – some serious procrastination and meta level philosophising about what I want to do next with my music. I did however do film a little music video a while back and it got picked up by Brighton Film Festival. It’s gonna be screened among the ‘Art Docs’ (probably because of all the nudity in it) at Fabrica on Monday the 14th of November.

In this photoshoot Laura is wearing Beyond Retro vintage attire at the Marina, which sets the scene of her journey from coming across the sea. The vintage clothing compliments the elegant shape and style of the Bass and contract to the background.

Photography: Andy Teo (AKA Photocillin)

Stylist: Danielle Timms (AKA Daniella Christina)

Clothes: Beyond Retro

MUA: Jodie Watts


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