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Peter Hudson – In Colour

‘In Colour’ is the new exhibition created by artist Peter Hudson, opening on the 7th July at Fabrica Gallery.  The exhibition explores themes of communication and consciousness and how environment affects behavior. Hudson lights up the gallery (that was once a church) with colour, giving it a whole new perspective. Hudson has a uniquely diverse creative background encompassing music composition,…

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Villana Art – A Vibrant Voice

Villana creates street art using vibrant textiles, that bring everyday icons alive to catch your attention and send a positive message in this dark world. You might be loosing hope in humanity with recent political and cultural news (questioning morals, climate change, racism, gender and age equality) so imagine how wonderful it would be to walk down a grey street,…

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It’s all about the Bass – Nenonen

Nenonen is known as Laura and The Bass, a triumphant mix of beauty and exquisite talent. Laura is a tall Scandinavian goddess that sings and plays Bass, she is a one woman band, strong in character and creativity. She took sail to England to join music college (BIMM) and since then she has played with a variety of bands and…

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The Dandy Lion Project – Photo Biennial

The Dandy Lion Project photo exhibition combines individual street style with the back drop of contemporary life. The exhibition explores personal style with a series of profile pictures taken by a variety photographers, each telling their own story. The project is aimed to highlight “young men in different cityscapes, defying stereotypical and monolithic understanding of black male identity,” by adopting…

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Trace Exhibition

‘Trace’ is the new exhibition showcasing at Corridor Gallery in Brighton. The exhibition runs during August and has three different aspects all relating around natural patterns, either physical or psychological. The artist, Emma Clear tells us more about her work. 1) Can you tell us about your work, your inspiration? With “Trace” I wanted to explore questions around behavioural pattern,…

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Teetotum – Mind Your Teeth

M&B had the pleasure to host Teetotum at our event earlier this year, the bands (Ross Robertson, Larry Marks & Simon Gledhill) live performance was full of soul and energy with a up-beat Rhythm & Blues sound and enigmatic stage presence. After their performance we were intrigued to find out more so we caught up with the vocalist and rhythm guitarist…

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Lois Orchard – ‘Femme Fatale’ Illustrations

Lois Orchard is one talented bright spark that is making a statement though her art work. Her illustrations are bold, edgy and feisty which reflects her character, making them feel raw and relatable (every girl wants to be in her gang). She talks to us about joining ‘GRLPWRGANG‘ and how her art work empowers women. 1) How would you describe…

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Cassette Lord @ Random Art Gallery

If you live in Brighton or London, you have probably walked passed ‘Cassette Lords’ street art and recognise his playful retro art brightening up ordinary everyday street objects. Cassette Lord aims to transport us all back to the visual world of our childhood with his art, where brightly coloured characters, everyday objects collide within a super-hero comic book world. His…

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House Festival – ‘A Room With Your Views’ by Gillian Wearing

HOUSE is the contemporary visual arts festival, taking place every May as part of the festival season in Brighton & Hove, this year for the 50th anniversary, HOUSE together with Brighton Festival has co-commissioned Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing to premier her work ‘A Room With Your View’. At a first glance ‘A Room With Your View’ could be mistaken for a modern day beach hut but the concept for this installation goes much deeper, exhibiting different landscapes across the world.…

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Alex Binnie @ Corridor Gallery

The Corridor Gallery, Brighton is exhibiting the new work of print maker and tattoo artist, Alex Binnie. The exhibition called ‘Frayed’ is dedicated to anatomy which reflects Alex’s work as a tattoo artist. Founding ‘Into You’ Tattoo in Clerkenwell and subsequently in Brighton Alex primary work as a tattoo artist is inspiring and has created a successful following,  some might…

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