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‘bukki’ is a fashion design brand based in London that challenges the customs of today’s streetwear. With vibrant prints developed from microscopic photographs of minerals and its juxtaposition with modern aesthetic, the latest collection ‘genesis’ brings a synergy of geology, androgyny and creative shapes with contemporary style. From the basics range to the gimme prints, the genesis collection provides distinctive apparel for the more moderate dresser to the show-stopper.

1) How would you best describe your fashion brand?

It’s a contemporary based brand that challenges the customs of today’s streetwear – catering for both menswear and womenswear with an overall unisex spirit.

2) What inspires you?

In general, I wouldn’t say I’m the type to be “inspired” by something. I think I’m more of a curious person, I like to try out new ideas that pop up randomly in my brain – I wouldn’t say anything inspired me to think of that idea – but it could be a product of things I see on a daily basis or things I hear. But mostly, I’m always curious with trying out ideas that don’t seem to be usual. For example – the “genesis” collection – part of this collection was to make 3 Dimensional unusual shapes look cool on basic shirts.

3) Tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, Im Bukki Ojo, full name is Bukola Ojo but I chose to use the short version when I was 12 because I no one could ever pronounce my name properly. I grew up in Bermondsey, went to BRIT school, after that I decided to start my brand when I was 18.  At the time I was recognised as one of the youngest fashion entrepreneurs, at the age of 18 my brand was stocked in household names such as ASOS, Topshop, Urban Outfitters (UK, US and Canada).

After 2 years running the brand, I decided to take a break to re-evaluate where I wanted the brand to go. I was growing into an adult, so my taste was changing and I felt like I needed to revamp the brand, as well as my mind. So I decided to do a Masters in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the London College of Fashion. After graduating at ‘22’ I had changed from a fashion creative into a proper business woman, I practically used the course to re-vamp my business and to train myself on how to operate as a better business woman.

4) Who are your typical customers?

Typical customers are normal people who have a spark of creativity in them. People who like to be different, bold in who they are and mostly express it through the way they dress. They don’t like to “blend in” – one of our brand quotes – “impossible to blend in”.

5) Where do you stock your designs?

We are launching our latest collection genesis in stores by Summer time – stockists will be announced soon.

Photos by: Terence Sambo

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