Brintage – A Vintage Craft

Brintage is a brand hand-crafted my the very talented Amy Dyer. She has given macrame a new lease of life, bringing it into our homes through interior design. Plant and Wall hangers are some of the products Dyer creates, these are normally found in mid-century lovers homes.

1) What inspired you to set-up Brintage (it sounds like ‘vintage’)?
Well initially I learnt macrame as I really wanted a plant hanger so I thought I would teach myself a new skill whilst on maternity leave.  In turn it really helped me as I was struggling with post natal depression at the time and it helped me find my creativity again, and its so therapeutic I just loved it.  I couldn’t stop making things so I thought why not try to sell them so I can keep making them. The name was a weird one as I love Bristol and I love vintage so i put the two together and its stuck!

2) You come from a textile’s background, where did you study and where have you worked?
I studied Fashion textiles with Business at the University of Brighton where I specialised in knitwear, it was a brilliant course.  I did four year sandwich course and on my year out I worked for a supplier who then took me on once I completed my degree.  I worked as a print designer in womenswear for over 4 years before moving into homes textiles and working at Next.  After having my son I started freelance and have been working with home textiles still which is where my heart is now.  I’m currently freelancing for retailers and studios.

3) Your designs are all unique, where do you get your ideas from?
The inspiration behind my designs comes mainly from my love of pattern and geometric design.  I love to keep my work quite clean and bold.  I prefer using a fairly thick cord as this translates my work better.

4) Is it therapeutic hand making/crafting Brintage?
Personally I find any craft using my hands really therapeutic, its the same for knitting and crochet as I love doing this too.  I actually volunteered running a knitting group at a local charity for parents struggling with postnatal illnesses as I know being creative and having a project can help to focus the mind.

5) Do you do custom orders?
Yes of course I love to work with people to help their ideas come to life. I have done a few custom orders and its a really nice, organic process.

You can find Brintage here -

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