Villana Art – A Vibrant Voice

Villana creates street art using vibrant textiles, that bring everyday icons alive to catch your attention and send a positive message in this dark world. You might be loosing hope in humanity with recent political and cultural news (questioning morals, climate change, racism, gender and age equality) so imagine how wonderful it would be to walk down a grey street, turn a corner and see something bright. This is what Villana aims to create through her art work, her message is clear, it’s a message of liberation, love and equality.
We spoke to Victoria, the artist behind Villana Art to understand how she connects with today’s ever changing culture and the statement she aims to achieve.
1) What inspired your to create Villana Art?
A strong desire to create, to connect and to share with people my ideas and my feelings.
2) Villana Art uses iconic muses such as Prince, Finda and John Lennon. Would you say your art has a hidden message to connect with today’s culture?
I don’t see many leaders talking about love, respect, integration, compassion, global warming, poverty, inequality etc… these days, a lot of them carry a message of hate and separation and that breaks my heart. There has been many people through out of history who has pushed the boundaries of change with a positive message of Love and unity. In times where people like Trump are in power we need to remind ourselves these messages of liberation, resistance and love. We must work harder to express these messages across, people seem to connect with pop culture, musicians and activists and that’s what I like making these portraits of people like John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Angela Davis etc… By making these portraits I try to highlight these messages of peace and liberation. I want to keep these messages alive.
3)What materials do you use in your art work?
I use a range of different yarn types, mixing colours, materials and thickness.
4)  Where have you exhibited your art (street art and galleries)?
I have placed street art in London, Brighton, Los Angeles and Mexico. I have exhibited in London and a pop up exhibition in New York, I am also looking forward to a solo show this year in Mexico.

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