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We hear about magic shows growing up and think of another make believe world, it leaves us questioning reality as we are fascinated with the unknown. As adults we leave this world behind us and focus on modern life, our imagination is dimmed by logic. That’s why being in the presence of a magician/illusionist in today’s culture we are left stunned and amazed.

Dating back to 2700 B.C illusionists have been capturing the mind of the spectator. In the Dark Ages (1000-1500) magic was associated with the occult and witchcraft so performer’s were outcast from society. It wasn’t until the 18 Century when magicians were accepted back into society and allowed to street perform. During this time magicians became very popular among the public and became a growing trend in entertainment. Unfortunately this faded, in the 20th Century with the rise in technology people started to look to other sources of entertainment. So what part does magic play in today’s culture?

With the growing trend in vintage style events (such as burlesques shows) we question if magic has a place in our lives again. Magician Rooster Magic tells us more…

1) When did you start practicing magic and what inspired you to do so?

My interest in magic started when I was 5. I received a Paul Daniels Magic Set as a Christmas present (as a lot of us did) and was never able to put it down. But the main reason I remember thinking “this is what I want to do” was being sat in Marks & Spencers with my mum. There was an older boy sat next to me who showed me a coin….and then made it vanish! He taught me how it was done and i never wanted to do anything else.

2) Do you think magic has a place in today’s entertainment industry (vintage scene)?

Most definitely! Magic, whether it be Close-Up or on a stage, has the power to create an immediate powerful connection with an audience. It has the ability to leave people in states of shock and amazement, and is the perfect ice-breaker to any event. Being a magician in today’s entertainment industry is something I don’t take for granted. It is one of those rare forms of entertainment that can really affect people’s emotions and reactions, and I just see it as my job to make sure the ride they go on is as much fun as possible.

3) Do you think TV shows (such as Derren Brown) have influenced people’s perspective on magic?

I believe they have, they certainly influenced mine growing up. There was a time when magic was never as “cool” as it is now. I was known as the “magic kid” at school (showing the odd trick to anyone that cared). But when David Blaine came on our screens in 1997, the idea that magic was actually fun and could be done out on the streets was cool! When Derren Brown started his T.V shows and live stage shows it definitely added another layer to magic becoming more acceptable within the public eye. His form of magic (Mentalism) really does play with your head, and watching him live on stage is enough to convert anyone into believing he really can read your mind (even though he swears he cant). For me what T.V magicians like David Blaine and Derren Brown have done is put a bit more mystery back into the art. You could dress in a tailored suit, stand on stage in front of the whole country, tell them you’re going to blow their mind, do it, then walk away.

4) What are people’s reaction like when you perform a trick that surprises them? Do they freak out or are they amazed?

The whole reason I do magic is to create reactions from spectators. Over the years I have enjoyed watching peoples faces explode with laughter, watch them literally freak out and run away, and my favorite, just complete silence. You can see them trying to work it out and for me that’s the most important part. I want people to question what I do. I never go in to a gig or performance with arrogance and the attitude that because i can do these things that I’m somehow “superior”. As a magician you’re expected to have certain skills and people will always react to that. And if anyone does question it…..I will always tell the truth.


5) What events are you performing at this Winter?

This winter I’m mainly performing at private functions and Christmas parties (tis the season). In terms of public shows, I am currently working with a brilliant magician called Maximilian Curd, another great working performer. We’re currently writing a new two man parlour show together. The show will talk about the history of magic from card gambling influences, to mind reading and levitation. It’ll be a close and intimate show with limited tickets and should be ready for the new year!

For more information please see www.roostermagic.com for details.

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